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Bali, September 2011
Hi, this is me Sabrina Ria Wijaya or you can call me Sabee/Bee/B for short. I guess I've a lot of nicknames back then but this one is what I like the most. Anyway, I can't remember when exactly I made this blog but let's say I made it 4 years ago since my first post was written on 19th April 2008.

I named it Something That's Me because... actually there's no reason why I named it like it is now. Believe it or not, it just popped out in my head! But now I realize I named it right because all I've written on this blog comes from me, by me and for me. I know it sounds like my imagination goes wild but I have a dream that my blog would be widely known by people out there as the one and only non-fashion blog. Never comes in my mind my blog has fans but it would be awesome to have someone someday tell me in the eyes "your blog is inspiring me!"

My life is been quite a roller coaster ride for me so far and all that has happened, happening or gonna happen makes me for what I am now. I am thankful to God for that. 
I am 23 years old and counting, currently working as a Product Developer in a multinational FMCG company while in my mind and heart I still want to pursue my study to higher degree in foreign country. Be independent in my way. Be a better person.
I don't know what the future holds but hey, I'm still young and I get the rest of my life lays ahead of me waiting to be shaped into something and there is no "late" word for that.

Hope you enjoy my blog!

Always put God first in your life. Believe. Be thankful to Him for every little thing. 
As we walk by faith not by sight.

What happens tomorrow, we've had today.

Tonight we are young, so let's set the world on fire. We can burn brighter than the sun.

Scientist. Blogger. Fashion lover. Reader. Shopper.

twitter: @sabrinaRW

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