Saturday, July 17, 2010

Despicable Me

Riding a roller coaster together

When they're playing together
Gru is a very nice and soft person inside

If I have to choose which one is my fav part of the movie, I choose this one!
It's the scene when the girls playing with the minions messing up Gru's house and one of those minions saying "Whaaatttt...?!" with the mimic I never forget, so hilarious! I still laugh whenever it comes to my mind LOL

Look at her! How cute Agnes is with her big eyes which melts everybody's heart when she begs Aww!!! Her innocence makes her doesn't afraid to anything or anyone, good thing!

I really really love the minions, too bad the movie doesn't tell how they come from or how they made of
It makes me curious tho...
One more thing, they're yellow which is one of my fav color! =D
I'd like to have stuffed minions, well of course if there is available out there
One thing it has to be fluffy! LOL

I watched this movie today at Gading XXI
And I looovvveee it! Much!
It was so damn funny!
Can't stop LOL-ing during the movie
The characters, story, and jokes were brilliant! Thumbs up for the director! =D

If Up is the best animation last year, I guess Despicable Me would be this year best animation
Who's agree with me? I know you do!

For those who haven't watched it yet, I recommend you have to, a.s.a.p before it's not on cinema anymore
Totally worth to watch!

For more pics click Despicable Me tumblr

See ya on my next posts folks!

p.s: sorry for lack of updating I'm so busy doing internship which make me already tired when I got home. It ends in 2 weeks more then I'm free again! Be patient guys =)

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