1. can’t stand high heels
2. hate cockroach so much
3. addicted to hand phone & internet
4. sometimes following trends
5. a procrastinator
6. have a lot of dreams & wishes (can’t mention them one by one)
7. longing for going study abroad
8. love blogging a lot
9. really want people following my blog
10. hoping my blog will go international someday
11. like to try new thing
12. dare to be different in some aspects
13. feel that fashion is my other obsession besides Biology
14. doesn’t like to be in the darkness
15. dislike farewell, it hurts
16. so cheesy, easily get touched
17. wanna go back to the dance floor madly, do modern dances again one day
18. dreaming to have a British guy as my future husband
19. a huge fans of The Body Shop White Musk
20. impress and always want to have a dolphin
21. maniac about mushroom, green peas, and almond, my fav. ever!
22. fav. cartoon character ever: Spongebob Squarepants, for sure!
23. get panic easily especially when something does not go in a way it should be
24. would love to have tattoo(s) but afraid of the pain in the making
25. reading and quoting great quotes in one of my hobbies
26. a Christian and for me, praying to God is the best way to look for answer
27. can not live w/o God, family and friends that I have now
28. very intuitive or sharp
29. sometimes a loner who likes to observing people around and analyzing them
30. happy, cheerful, joking around and then laughing out loud
31. got certain criteria for boys
32. comedy romantic is my most favorite type of movie
33. when you are not closer to me, you’ll think I am calm, passive and boastful
34. the youngest of 3: I have 2 older brothers
35. not be able wearing nail polish on my right finger nails
36. watching TV and browsing for hours when I have nothing to do at home
37. heavy reader of novel and fashion magazine
38. hate listening to someone’s grumbling
39. often be a straight talking person
40. in love seeing the cuteness of cupcakes