Saturday, November 24, 2012

Leer, Sentir y Ver

It is taken from the movie I watched three days ago, and yes it is so true. I mean something good would not be that good anymore as in you feel it for the first time same as jokes, it's not funny anymore if it's keep being repeated. And yeah, it's time to do movie review after such awhile. This time I'd love to do some Spanish! Well, everybody must have a movie that s/he keeps being repeated and never get bored. Wanna know mine? Vamos!

Leer, Sentir y Ver (Read, Feel and Watch)

Oh, first of all beware of spoiler guys! =P

I watched it like three days ago, the English title is Three Meters Above The Sky (3 Metros Sobre El Cielo) and the sentence bellow means "Ever been to touch the sky?". It is the movie from the year of 2010. The story is like the modern version of Romeo and Juliet or Jake and Rose (Titanic). For complete synopsis and casts list click IMDb

For those who is following my Twitter and have my BBM account must know that these few days I've been rumbling and crazy-ing about this movie. You know what? I'm so grateful I found this. Actually, I've had seen this movie ever since like a year ago and I'm interested in second I read the title, so romantic don't you think? But I postponed to download it because I never into Spanish movie besides The Orphanage (2007) and then I kinda forget it until three days ago I downloaded and watched it

I really really love this one, truly am and it's a type of movie that will be repeated and watched by me over and over again, like I did to Beastly. I've watched it three times (and counting) in three consecutive days still Beastly holds the record for five times being repeated so far. I know the plot is pretty much like Indonesian soap opera where the world that evolved around was really small like this person is related with this one and could meet altogether in a place. But I'm sure that what makes it attractive for people like me! 

The story is so damn romantic and never fails give me butterflies in my stomach >.< with gorgeous woman and hot man like them both there's no reason I can see why can't you love it. My favorite parts are obviously   the scenes when Babi (Maria Valverde) and Hache (Mario Casas) are together doing lovey dovey act. Look at Mario Casas with those abs, dayummm!!! 

Means "You and I to Three Meters Above The Sky" written by Hache to Babi when they had a fight

One thing that I realized because of this movie is date with your boyfriend together riding a macho motorbike is way more romantic than being in a car, don't you think so? Clearly can't do that in my hometown unless you want your face cover with smoke and turn dirty soon as you arrive at some places hahaha...

At first I downloaded 3 MSC I never knew it has a sequel but then I found out this movie and I looked the casts and turned out it has the same list as the first one. The English title is "I Want You" and was out in June 2012. So there's two year gap between the first and second movie

The top sentence means "This Time You Will Have To Choose". It has deeper and more mature story and oh more touching also. I didn't cry watching the first one but I did this time. But sorry I like the first one way more than the sequel because there's an unexpected twist and made it less romantic than before. I can't tell you what it is, don't wanna be a heavy spoiler. Go watch it by yourself if you're curious! For complete synopsis click Variety

Here is Gin, Hache's new girlfriend in the sequel ups I guess I spoiled the twist already haha... She's pretty well not as pretty as Babi and more rebel also boyish, booooo... I don't like her because obviously I'm team Babi ;)

Hache and Babi after separated for years and finally met again. Maria Valverde is more beautiful in the sequel. She looked more mature and sophisticated with a long hair like that

But I don't need to be sad for so long because I googled about them two and tadaaaa... they're couple in off screen too. Yup, they have been dating since 2011. I don't know if it's for real or just publicity stunt but uggghhh... either way they both look so cute together! From now on, they're one of my favorite couples and I have to watch movies they both starred together. Yay!

You know what guys? I've been so excited and truly can't wait to post about these movies and share them to you all because once again my sharp intuition about how great a movie is was right and I'm very proud of it! So, I hope my excitement reflects in this post and... wish you bounded under the spell and watch these movies as well. Feel free to give me feedback!

And oh, FYI besides my all about British obsession (sort of) I'm also hooked to all about Spanish and would love to master the language if there's any chance. I found that everything related to it, is romantic and sweet!

I've gotta go now, I didn't realize it's already passed midnight here, guess I'm enjoying writing this one too much. Time to sleep!
Until my next posts guys

Gracias e todos! =)

Picture sources: Google Images


  1. Hahaha, gue ga mao baca Sab, karena gue pengen nonton, kayaknya romantis and bagus yaa.. hmmmph~ nonton ah besok! lol.

    1. Anyways, thanks for the post (: You made my day!
      Akhirnya ketemu juga film yang interesting! hehe

  2. Your very welcome phang! Yup it is all of the romantic and sweetness that you want from a movie hehe... I'd love to hear your feedback after u watch it! :)

  3. I follow you and I hope you will reciprocate...

    1. Hey thank u for following me Lorena. I already followed yours too! :)


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