Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Mirror Mirror (2012)

"Mirror mirror on the wall, who's the prettiest of all?"
Seems like you know the line? You hear it often? You guys must know whose line is that. Yup, it's none other than The Queen's! 

Last night, I watched Mirror Mirror on my laptop as usual and I like it! I give it 7 out of 10 merely because the fun. Please don't compare it to the original one because this one is so much different! Even though, it doesn't lose the essence of the original. I won't give you the details otherwise I'll be such a spoiler. So, go grab it fast and watch. Over all, it's recommended!

Well, due to continuity of this post maybe I have to be a spoiler, just a bit... because I'm gonna tell you who's my favorite character and which are my favorite scenes. Drum roll, please... 
The Queen is my favorite character! Julia Roberts played it beautifully although she was so mean and egoist and materialistic in the movie. And for my favorite scenes... actually I love every fun within but IMO the funniest ones was when The Queen had this ancient spa using disgusting creatures and another one was The Ball when Snow White danced with Prince Alcott. 
Getting more curious guys? :P

Snow White

Prince Alcott

Snow White and the seven dwarfs (from left to right): Napoleon, Grub, Wolf, Butcher, Half Pint, Chuckles and Grimm

One more thing that I like the most about this movie is the gowns! Especially The Queen gowns, here I posted some of them (be prepared to be WHOA!):

Which one is the fairest of all guys? My favorite is definitely the white one, I mean look at how flare the gown is! They're probably the most flare gowns I've ever seen in my whole life. Furthermore, three of them were decorated with 100.000 Swarovski crystal (source: hersmagz, the article is in Bahasa). Absolutely stunning gowns, aren't they? I was like imagined if I could wear one of those while I was watching the movie hahaha...

Last but not least, I do like Snow White's gown too. Here's the picture:

This swan gown is cute I guess and the swan hat is you know, stands out from the crowd. Well, over all the costume ball is so very unique! Haha... Wish there was one here in Jakarta

Anyway, despite the not-so-match subtitle and bad audio, I do enjoy this movie, like I said on the beginning of this post. Now, I can't wait to watch the other version of modern Snow White: Snow White and The Huntsman. I think it's a good idea to compare these two movies later on my blog. This one definitely the funny version haha!

So, until my next posts guys!

Picture source: Google Image

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