Monday, April 21, 2008

Today Stories

First of all... juz wanna say
Happy Kartini day for u all gurlz...!!!
hope u find the real meaning to be the real modern kartini

*another story today*
Walopun tdi raymond ga jdi iktan TLC gara2...
ap yach? ga tw jga siey
tpi ad gnti nya tuchw c stevanus erick
Thx GOD!!! Engkau menggantikan satu dengan yg lainnya... hehe

*next story*
It's been raining a lot today
n' it iz so damn cold
I think I'm gonna be frosting... huhu
I prefer very extra hot day to day lyke diz... really

*last story today*
Me mum is sick, huixz
pray for u always
get well soon mum...

Dat's it for 2day stories...
GBU all

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