Monday, January 5, 2009

My Favourite One!

so many pictures that my bro took at new year's eve but this one is my favourite!
let's take a look...
we were all very natural, naturally-silly I guess
only Andre succeed to jump! and Chris, I have no idea what the hell is he doing?! hahaha... we should do this thing more often bro, it's fun!
location: at very quite midnight Pelita Harapan University


  1. wew bee..tahun baruan di UPH ye??ngapain bee..kok babe ga diajak..wakakkaka..
    yo gw baru bikin blog nih bee..iseng sih, maen ps2 cape lama2 jadi bikin blog aja

  2. oh iye..
    blog gw buat semuanya yang mau mampir..

    mampir y..


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