Saturday, January 17, 2009

Publish it or Not?

well well
desperately need people comment on my blog
because so far only few people that do comment
i can count them with my finger, it's so rare
means that i have to open it to public
i have to tell to my friend n' other people bout my blog
n' get ready to be "naked" emotionally, i guess
prepare for my secret to be opened up
is it gonna be fun or is it gonna be a nightmare instead?
maybe i'm gonna get some n' lose some
deep down i'm not so ready enough
it's me n' my life, written down on it
but in the other side i really want people getting to know me either
i still can't decide it
i did write my blog on my fb profile though
hopefully it's a smart decision
wish somebody or everybody notices it
confuse mode on...

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