Monday, January 5, 2009

Tribute to Heath Ledger

I just late to realize that Heath Ledger was a great actor and handsome too!
unfortunately I don't watch his movie much or don't follow his gossip or news in media
he is Australian, a 28 year-old guy who amazed every people that watch him act in his movie
but unhappily he died when every actor as young as him still hit the Holywood
he is just too early to face the death
there still too many chance that he could get
it is hard to understand
he left his cute 2 year-old daughter Matilda and ex-fiance Michelle Williams

I just can't imagine, Heath died before Matilda has not know how amazing her dad was
my condolences with her and her mum always
my tears always drip down when I remember this
it makes me sad but also think how stupid he was, throw away so many chances and good life which everybody wants to replace it with anything!

but his last role in Dark Knight the movie as Joker will be remained always in everybody heart
it was so cool!!!
and the painting that Vincent Fantauzzo painted is so breathtaking
it's so alive!

Goodbye Heath Ledger, I'll always remember you as a great actor...

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