Wednesday, February 25, 2009

A Day...

this is what happened to me today:

morning ->
as far as i remember this is my first time not having breakfast since i go to uni
wow! so historic! that quiz was already get on my nerve
it made me not in the mood for sure
and she really2 ruin my day since this day started

got a morning shift for biotech stand
which is useless since only a few people came to visit
but me and others learned for quiz instead watching over that stand
and i couldn't stand my starve anymore, so i got breakfast-lunch all at once
at the end of the class, she keep speaking and speaking as if everybody listen to her
in fact, only few did...
then i found i got my periodic!!! yeah, right...
she increased the ache ten times more, like a pain-inducer made only for me

before got home, i bought new episodes of 90210
i watched it and i guess this is my only cure for this day
at least it reduces my ache a bit
what can i say??? i loooveeeee... these episodes!!!!
besides there are new hottie!!! really an eye candy!!! name: Matt Lanter

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