Thursday, February 5, 2009

It's Edited

i edited something on my old written
i'm not gonna mention any person name in my blog anymore
i never ever think it could be way like this
i just want to express my feeling in this blog
to prevent me overreact
not to let loose out my personal life or something
nothing more...
maybe it's my fault never think about the risk
it's never come into my mind
or maybe it's anybody else's fault not to shut up their mouth closely enough

so, yea i kinda disappointed on someone today
even the person i could believe in, did this to me
i know he didn't mean to do that
but it's like opened up my wound again when i was hearing those words
that is the very last thing on earth i wanna do
it's more than enough for me, when he comes into my mind suddenly, when i hear his name being mentioned, or when i see him around...
i don't need it any more
and i know i can't let it happen again
that's why i wrote this thing

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