Saturday, February 28, 2009

Slumdog Millionaire and AI Hottie

now i truly understand why this film got so many awards
such as Academy Awards, Golden Globe awards and others
it really deserves them all!
it's a good story about struggle to find a suitable life and true love
a must-watch movie!!!

i watched AI season 8, which is going around
and i found this hottie contestant
he's Kris Allen, 23 years old, from Kansas
i love his voice and face, actually (who doesn't?!)
and he's good at playing guitar, really...
more over he make it to the 12 finalist!!
hmmm... what a man!!!
google the video on youtube or stuffs
and you will find yourself like me, mad about this man
well, it's not my fault having a good radar of cute guy...

just like Simon said "the chicks are gonna love you!"
i do!!!

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