Monday, March 16, 2009

Diamond Martini

once i heard that new kind of drink (for me), i shocked
i mean, drinking with a diamond inside your glass???
helloww is it still a stone, anyway
i just don't get it, is there do any a good??? like increase the flavor or something???
it's already available in worldwide five stars hotel
i watched The Duke at AXN few hours ago
call me old-school but i just knew it, really
it never ever come to my mind
nearly dropped my jaw...
Ritz Carlton Tokyo opens, offers a very pricey drink. The Diamonds-Are-Forever Martini is a $16,000 cocktail with a one-carat Bulgari diamond at the bottom that you can take to any Bulgari store in Tokyo and have a ring fitted to the stone for free.
yea, it takes all your wealth just to drink a glass of martini!!!
well, i'm not into alcoholic drink much but diamonds are still girl best friends, though...

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  1. drpd dimasukin ke martini mending dikasi ke g deh..


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