Monday, March 30, 2009

Winner of The Recession

1. Home gardening
hmmm... people are starting to grow their own food at their yard. no flowers just finger on the go!

2. Holywood
the celebs never get tired, don't they??? new movies are keep coming

3. Bodice Rippers
books always be everyone's favorite in the spare time, at least for me

4. Condom maker
when people don't have money, what else could they do??? especially for couples, baby in the making!!!

5. Résumé Editing
get fired from one company and apply to another, the formula always been like that

6. Public universities
i have no idea with this...

7. Chocolate
it surely relieve your stress, so eat up more chocs!!!

8. McDonald's
well, it's the biggest fast-food chain and yea, it's cheap and fast!!!

9. Career development websites
people loves seeking information and friends, no wonder my bro is working on this stuff

10. At-home coffee brews
no money for Starbucks anymore... they do their own coffee


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