Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Late Midnight Note

i don't know what's wrong with me
but i do feel like i'm lost
it's like something missing
and i don't know what i've become
i lost my excitement feeling, empty inside
it's not like i'm gonna cry or something
but something different, something that's not me occure inside me
i feel insecure when i'm around
i'm getting lazier every each day
i ignore my final assignments (well, everybody does)
i guess, i'm destroying myself and change to somebody else
is it what they called maturation process???
it's like some unknown big power taking control of me
i do my routine as usual... sleep late, go to uni, checked fb, blogging, watch dvds, and so on
maybe i'm depressed due to a bunch of assignments
or worse i'm stressed out because of my boring routine
or do i need a somewhat therapist to get me back to normal, i deny that for sure
at least one thing i know, i'm not crazy, no not yet
don't say i'm alone and i need a boyfriend, nah that's cliche
well, does anyone know what's going on with me???
and please tell me if i change to somebody else...
i really have no idea with all of it
as if i'm standing on the edge of a cliff, i don't know when i'm gonna be exhausted and fall down
as if i'm floating in the air, not standing on the ground with my two legs anymore
what happen to me, guys???
i need someone to tell me, that's not you anymore, you change, or anything you want to say, whatever. don't ever hesitate that...
i wished i could see myself in other's eye, other's point of view
and i promise i will fix things up
but of course you should tell me first
because i'm clueless to the core about myself

p.s: i'm happy to see Nate and Blair back together at GG episode 19, which i just watched =)

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