Saturday, April 11, 2009

Parents Daughter Thing

here we go
they were arguing, wondering, n' of course talking about thing that for me is useless
guess what??
"how come an almost 20-year old girl like me, don't have anyone to date with" (a.k.a a boyfriend)
just so you know, this has been a subject since yesterday, the only one subject that they will never get bored
a subject that bother me n' i never really so comfortable to talk about
it's like you know too personal n' i don't get use to talk about it to my own parents
because i believe, they even never have taught me and my bros how to tell about this damn thingy to them
maybe i'm good at every subjects to talk about unless this one
i'm sure i will be more comfy to talk about boys with any other girl in my age
owww, mum dad sorry to tell ya but i know what i'm talking about
i admit some of my friends know me more than the way you both know me
i'm not trying to hide something from you (well, actually i'm hiding a lot of things)
but it's just... you know everybody has their own secret, hm something that nobody knows
i do have it... n' i want to keep it in that way
hope you understand...
but don't tell me you both long for some grandchildren
hellowwww??? i have brother, 2... just go get and talk to them
then why they are so hurry to see me have a boyfriend???
shoot!!! why don't they provide me with the best stuffs ever???
so i can attract boys easily
or maybe i need to be a kinda way of slut type of girl to attract boys?? nah, that's not me!!
okay, i admit i've been way too picky for boys without look myself in the mirror
but can't i just search and get the best one for me??? i hope i deserve it
o gosh, i wish i had a telepathy ability just so i can read people's mind
like you know Sookie Stackhouse in Trueblood or the cops guy in Heroes who i forgot the name
of course with a control on that
well, i guess i'm blabbering too much already
so i better end it up here...

before i signed out
i want to know that do you ever have thing like this???
i mean, do you have any nosy parents who love asking you about boy and stuffs???
i'd like to see your opinion, comment, suggest, or anything

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  1. for me (personally), it's a funny posting.
    My parents are in the opposite side of yours.
    They even never ask me about that thing.
    So, which one is normal? Mine or yours? haha :D


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