Sunday, May 31, 2009

Brother Sister Hood

well, for who doesn't know
man next to (left side) Miley Cyrus is her half brother
his name is Trace Cyrus, the vocalist, guitarist in Metro Station
they share same mother but different father
he is adopted by Billy Ray Cyrus when he was very young
i'm falling in love even more as i continue reading their tweets, so sweet!
they both seems really really close to each other.
and i kinda a bit jealous to that
both of them make a good image of brother and sister relationship, even they are not biologically related
one thing for sure, i'm curious about what are the meaning of the tattoos that Trace Cyrus has?
because at the minute i read that Miley said most all of the tattoos are dedicated to his family, i started to think that Trace is a kinda nice person, not scary instead just like people thought at first they see him
well, i tell ya Metro Station is a pretty cool band and their songs are catchy enough to be listened!
another thing guys! i guess i'm moving from disliking to loving Miley Cyrus
i know that when i can't wait to watch Hannah Montana the Movie and how i want to buy her first book "Miles to Go"... but it expensive, so maybe i just can realize the first one and let see
whether i made a good move or not. =p
and yea, i'm excited when they both will be collaborating in Miley's new album!

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