Sunday, May 24, 2009

Get Tattooed, anyone???

Yea, if only i would have any gut or if only i would never get bored with them (hey, no one can ever guarantee that tattoo would always be
the list of my tattoos, would be: (i'll describe it clearly, hope you'll get that)
1. Sssttt or Ssshhh... on my right hand forefinger, something like Rihanna's

2. My half on my left hand ring finger
3. a pair of wing on my back, just like Nicole Richie's

4. Wijaya's on my wrist (coz' no matter what i'll be wijaya's forever n i kinda proud of it!)
5. a combination of my favorite things (crown, star, butterfly, candle, heart, and flower) on my lower back
6. medium size cross with sacrifice, salvation, strength, faith written around it, on my hump

well, those are few of tattoos that i like and i would love to make so far
but once again, i'm not a kinda risk-taker and i guess i'm not ready to take the consequences
i'm afraid that i will get bored with one of them or all one day and i want them get erased
people said, the process of erasing is much more painful than the making itself
honestly, i often wonder why people get tattooed a lot even on they vital part of body, scary!
do tatooing make you addicted or something?
that's the another point why i'm afraid to get tattooed
someone say, it gives you your own bliss... i just don't get it, maybe someday
what people will say or think about me latter it's not important
it never ever come accross to my mind, really
if i do tattoo, i'll do that for fun, for establishing something i love
for making a statement about things i adore, right on my body, so it can't be separated, to other people
you know what? one of my juniors, got tattooed like a month or two ago
and yea that's definitely make me want to get tattooed even more! haha

p.s: i'm waiting for your feedback about this thing!

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