Thursday, June 11, 2009

Another Tattoo Wishlist =)

so yea i've been thinking about this for a day
and i decided to make 윤지후 (Yoon Ji Hoo) into a tattoo on a part of my body
i still can't decide it yet because i am looking for a right place yet not too eye-catching
why him? because i love him so much besides that character is the first one which touched me so deep inside...
well, everybody says it's a big no no to tattoo a name (whoever it is) on your body
it all makes sense because if something happens with the person (whose name is tattooed on your body) such a fighting between both of you then it will be your loss, to have his/her name still "carved" on your body.
but in my situation he has nothing to do with me, he's just my ideal type of boy, he's my Yoon Ji Hoo!
i don't know it's just a moment emotion or whatever but i'm sure i'll never get bored with him!
anyway, i can't promise to have it, i mean i'll do the tattoo thingy whenever i am ready
so far i'm still afraid to do it (just see my older post about tattoo)
it's just a wish list by the way!

p.s: i don't know whether the Yoon Ji Hoo in Han above is spelled right or not, if i'm wrong please tell me the right one!


  1. gileee lu bener2 tergila2 sampe mau buat tato segala..wakakaka

  2. hahaha... i do devinitely crazy bout him! that's why i want to remember him forever n make it into a part of my body. Viva Yoon Ji Hoo!!


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