Wednesday, July 15, 2009

17 Again

this is movie that i watched this evening and i totally love it! it's kidna a fun movie
i got the feel, the story is good, plus it's got the cute Zac Efron in there
for more click this

he's absolutely rockin' that jacket and sunglasses!

who doesn't love starring at that hot bod? he did work out a lot!
it's like i want to touch it just for a sec, i've i got any chance to =p

and his smile... it's melting me all the way, aww!
it's absolutely breath-taking, just watch the movie for more smiles

but after all, the story is more like young teenage boy dating with a cougar and it's pretty much like High School Musical where Zac Efron played a lot of basketball
well, it still has lessons that i can learn from
if you asked me what is it? maybe i'd answer "Everybody deserves a second chance"
overall, it's worth to watch
Zac's smile will be stuck in your mind forever and ever, like i do
one thing i wanted to do after i watched this movie is speak up about how cute Zac's smile is through my blog and my twitter, really...
i guess i'm moving from so so to love him much! sorry if i'm late to realize it

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