Monday, July 20, 2009

Jane and Judy Aldrige

they are Jane Aldrige (17) and Judy Aldrige (46) from Dallas, TX.
i salute them. for a 17 year-old girl like her, she is so stylish! i wonder where they got the inspiration. check Jane's blog Sea of Shoes which i follow also. i guess her mom has a blog too but i don't know what is it, sorry...

look what a really fashionably stylist mom and daughter! for a 46 year-old mom, she is an example for a mom that really rare to be found around, especially here in Jakarta, Indonesia
even if i can say there's none a mom like her. she still got the body, the face, and of course the sense of fashion! i would be beaten if i got a mom like her! lol

they're featured in Vogue August edition, so cool!
there are so many things like magz, blogs, and designers that involve them inside

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