Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Meet Scooter

I introduce you Scooter, World's tiniest and the cutest dog for now. Scooter who has original name, Pee Wee is a Malta kind of dog. Just imagine its height only 7.5 cm! It's 6 month-old and because of that tiny, it can sit on a tea cup. how cute! it's 2.5 cm smaller than the smallest dog in the world today, Boo Boo in AS. The owner, Cheryl McKnight from Auckland, New Zealand had to put a purple vest on Scooter just so people don't step on to it. And for more cuteness, Scooter love to eat a cup of an egg everyday and it sleeps on a shoe box. for more info click here
i've been loving pups since as far as i can't remember, and seeing a super duper tiny yet cute dog like Scooter, just make me love puppy even more! =)

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