Monday, July 13, 2009


What if you lived a life like Michael Jackson's? could you survive from it?
What if you were the wealthiest person on Earth, defeated Warren Buffet and Bill Gates?
or what if you were born as one of their kids? living a royal life
What if you were born as Serena or Blair in Gossip Girl series?
What if you had telepathy ability like Sookie Stackhouse in True Blood?
What if you had 6th sense just like a character in movies. let says Heroes?
What if you could be whoever you want to be, just like Mystique in X-Men?
What if you were a President of somewhat country?
What if you were the most powerful person who could take control the world to praise you?
What if you were the most beautiful, the coolest, and the smartest person that ever exist?
What if you had an ability to solve the unsolved problems in the world? like starvation, poverty, crime, and so on
What if you had a chance to meet someone you adore and admire so much, your role model, your lifetime idol?
What if you could go shopping just by pointing your finger at things you want to buy?
What if you could turn back time and fix your mistakes?
What if you could forward time to the future, and see what's life going to be?
What if you could pick your parents to be when you were about to be born?
What if you could choose your own physical attributes?
What if you were about to be a parent in an hour?
What if you could talk to God as easy as talk to your best friends?
What if you were facing your death sentence in a minute?
What if you suffered a deadly disease like cancer or HIV?
What if you only had a day left to live?
What if you were about to commit suicide?
What if you were one of the always starving children in Ethiopia?
What if you were the poorest person on this planet?
What if you were the person that FBI and CIA have been looking for all of this time, like terrorist? maybe Osama Bin Laden, for an example
What if you were caught shoplifting, or stealing, or killing somebody?
What if you were someone from the past?
What if you did not life at this century?
What if you were not you?
What if you were me?
What if you were a god?

What if this, what if that? would you do this? would you do that?
there are still so many What ifs, and i can't mention them one by one anymore
i did think hard to recall those questions above

well, those are questions that like to pop up in my mind
no one could answer them and yea, call me a dreamer, go ahead! i love daydreaming though
i make those questions as a lesson for me to appreciate my life more, what i've been through so far, what i've done and said
i never regret any of it in any single time of my life, really...
one thing i know for sure i always thank God because he created me whatever i am now
even sometimes life is harsh, cruel, and hard
even sometimes i jealous to someone's life which seems better than mine
but i believe God has His own purpose and it will be the best for me and you

What if i have to end this post now? =p

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