Friday, July 10, 2009

Reunion Time

i'm just like a head without a body, here
Sabee, N, Dinda, Baba, Juli, Jo, Cimot and the one who took this photo: Shendy

better one, i guess

and this one is my favorite! you know why? yup! it's because i'm looking good! hehe

not much to say but this is my reunion with my friends
it took location in Puri Indah Mall, Wed 8 July 2009 (after the election time or "nyontreng")
we've been friends since high school senior but i've been friends with some of them since elementary
i love laughing and blabbering things with you all! i'm sure you do
but in the other side, i was sad because there were only 8 people came including me, plus at that time Puri Mall was so hectic, so we don't know what to do after had lunch and 2 hours chit chat at Platinum instead of go home
ya know, it's hard to collect all of the classmates because each of us has been separated for a long time and been frigging busy as hell or been vacationing abroad or worse, haven't got any holiday yet!
i'm happy there's nothing change between us
we're still the old us, lunatic, funny, nice, like to make fun of each other, and so on well maybe only the handphone has changed and o yea, the fashion style either, especially for the girls!
i tell ya, my friends! we should do this again next time a.s.a.p
and sorry for the half an hour late guys! you know i've always been the Miss Late =p
love y' all! xoxo =)

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