Monday, August 3, 2009

FroYo Attack!

I tasted the new FroYo store in Jakarta, located at Senayan City yesterday. It's called Tutti Frutti. They have a different concept to purchase the yogurt, it's like self-service kind of way. You pick the yogurt and the topping after that you have to weigh it also with the cup before you pay it and it cost IDR 1.500/1o gram. You know it's tricky so just be careful when you choose the yogurt and the topping. I picked plain yogurt with almond, strawberry moci, mango, and lychee as toppings. Sorry I don't have the pic but I can say it's just the same with others. It's the 3rd FroYo store that I've tried after Sour Sally and J.Cool.
There are more I want to try:

Icy Blue at Karawaci Mall

Red Mango at Taman Anggrek Mall

and Yogulicious at EX Mall (I didn't get the pic)

afterall, it's just a quick update from me. Have fun try yogurt-ing! =)

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