Saturday, August 8, 2009

Hannah Montana The Movie

last night I watched this and I like it much!
okay, I know it's identical with kids but it's totally wrong!
I laugh and cry all at once while seeing this movie
I really enjoyed it from the start till the end, it didn't give me any chance to get bored

and these are my favorite scenes from the movie: (sorry to be the spoiler)

Hoedown Throwdown - Miley Cyrus

You know what, I tried to practice the dance move over and over again after the movie ended.
You can imagine a girl trying to imitate Miley Cyrus's dance at 12 a.m right from a DVD in front of TV, alone (of course!) at her room and failed. It's not as simple as it looks, it was really hard instead, because learning from DVD is kinda impossible, it's fast! I was just like stupid because I just found the tutorial from here, they teach step by step so it's easy to be remembered and follow. Yeah, all that I did, is in vain! It's nice to move my body and after trying hard to imitate the dance I found myself miss to be back on the dance floor again one day. Psstt... I promise myself to do the dance perfectly, just wait guys! =) The dance is kinda cool!

Butterfly Fly Away - Miley Cyrus ft. Billy Racy Cyrus

And this one is the most favorite part of the movie, for me. I love the father daughter bonding time and I really love the song for sure. It's touching!

FYI, this movie is full of great soundtrack which I want to download as soon as possible... well, even though the story is a bit cliche and light but overall it's worth to watch!

the cool Lucas Till as Travis Brody
that's a really cute smile, cowboy! I was surprised with his deep voice
I'm melting, I absolutely fell in love with him

Taylor Swift spend her time to be a guest star on her bestie's movie
she sings Crazier
what a good friend!

last but not least, Tyra Banks also starring in here too
she and Miley have shoe fighting
she is so funny! I think she'd make a good actress

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