Friday, November 6, 2009

My Sister's Keeper

I just watched it, and it's totally fantastic!
so very touching! just so you know, I couldn't stop crying during the movie, really
and the plot also great!
I'm not gonna be a spoiler here
but my point is to type what are those messages that I get within
I really can feel all of the emotions, it is kinda mix, up and down

It's like how to face the reality even it tortures you
even it is a real bad like you can't ever imagine it before
Everything seems so perfect at start but you will never know what will happen, whatsoever
It doesn't mean you can keep your loved one stay alive though he/she is dying
no matter how much you love him/her
you can't sacrifice your another loved one over the other
no matter how noble the purpose is
we have to be equal, everyone has rights to live a life without being forced on what to do
or worse, make him/her as a donor, a spare part for the sake of saving life by taking his/her body parts without any permission from the very start
because in the end it is gonna be you and your loved ones who hurt

we have to learn to accept the reality no matter how bad it is
we have to keep moving on, even when it seems the world is falling down
because we all are gonna end up in the same way, death
it's just the matter of time

what can I say more?
doesn't matter how long I type this post it never can tell you how good this movie is,
even just to sum it up into words
it is the REAL movie!
you have to watch it by yourself to feel the sensation and the meaning behind it
totally recommended!!!

from my point of view, all of the artists and actors play so damn GREAT!!!
salute to them for getting into those let say, hard to play characters
moreover, I have been a kinda huge fans of Abigail Breslin (Anna Fitzgerald)
she's getting even better in every movie she plays
not only her but Sofia Vassilieva (Kate Fitzgerald) is so total! she balded her hair! WOW!
and seeing her dying scares me!!!
two thumbs up for them all (for the director and the crew too)!!

anyway, I realized it so Immunology at the first minutes of the movie
which is I'm studying in my class
it is so damn hard and it reminds me of it
but it helps me to understand throught the doctor's explanation and diagnosed though

I probably should buy the novel soon!!!
because based on Wiki, I guess there are some stories that are not filmed
besides, people usually say the novel is better than the movie, right?

and I should download the OST soon either!
they are nice and makes the movie even more saddened!

I love the scrapbooks too! so cute! so creative!

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