Wednesday, November 28, 2012

I Heart Last Week

I'm learning the power of going away for the weekend and keeping myself company - Zoe Saldana

Picture source: We Heart It

Everybody loves weekend undeniably! I can say there are certainly two types of weekend person, one is go out a lot and the second is a dork who stays at home. I've been being the second one, usually, but last week as in few days ago it kinda changed and turned out that last week was great! 

For all of these times, I've not moved my ass elsewhere on the weekend, I turned down friends' call, reject others's invitation to hang out except it is urgent or family matters. Clearly no reason for that kind of behavior, maybe I'm just a home sweet home person besides I got headache already just thinking about the traffic jam which is getting worse currently

But last week turned out great things fell and happened to me, oh please take note I didn't say weekend but whole last week I tried to do what Zoe Saldana's quote says. There you go I elaborate it to you: 
Monday - job interview & shopped at new found place
Tuesday - stayed at home & watched nice movie 
Wednesday - stayed at home & watched the sequel
Thursday - more job interview & shopped at new found place
Friday - another job interview & shopped at new found place
Saturday - watched a movie at cinema with my best friends

Those might be just simple things for you but for me, I always cherish everything and last week probably one of the best weeks in my life. For those job interviews sadly I haven't received the good news, yet but it doesn't diminish my faith even a bit. The thing about a job interview that I like is I got a chance to meet new characters of people and went to new places that I've never been before

Movie Poster (source: impawards)
My favorite day last week might be Saturday because I got to watch Breaking Dawn Part 2, yeah finally after   more than a week it's released in Jakarta plus I watched it with my best friends. Yay! So, this is the part two of the last sequel of The Twilight Saga for complete synopsis click IMDb

Bella, Renesmee, Edward and Jacob (source: booksnreview)
The fighting scene (source: Google Images)
I really like this one! In my opinion, this along with the first one are by far the best movies of Twilight Saga. I like to see the beautiful Renesmee, the unpredictable and shocking fighting scene, the new vampire characters from all over the world and their uniquely different abilities, well can't mention them one by one just see them here IMDb full casts. But seriously my favorite part is the fighting scene, it was intense and a shocker! In the other side I'm pretty sad too because it means that it won't be Twilight Saga movies anymore :( For those who haven't watched it yet I suggest go watch it before it's no longer in cinema, you won't be sorry 

Here we are! Me and my best friends. We stick to each other ever since we were in senior high school and we spare our busy time like at least once in a month to meet and have fun hehehe... 

My best friend is the one who brings out the best in me - Henry Ford

Picture source: We Heart It
Yup, exactly! Wish last week would never end but in the other side I hope great things happened didn't only last for last week but keep going on and on. I'm in need a lot of them lately *fingers crossed*

Sunday evenings often feel like the weekend is over before it's even begun - Catherine McCormack

So, that's all for today's post. It's quick and short but hopefully you enjoy it
Until my next posts guys!


  1. You have a nice social life ^^ Hope you will get the job soon :)


  2. Thanks for your comment Caroline! I leave comment on your blog too :)

  3. Oh my.. Sabee.. sedih yaa Breaking Dawn yang terakhir... Twilight uda tamat :'(
    Part II tuh bener2 meninggalkan kesan yang sempurna di mata para pencinta Twilight Saga!



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