Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Please stay her away from me!!!!

I'm so excited to be back to write again
so full of spirit
especially when it comes to talk bout her
i know it's not good to pass my b'day in anger with her like this
but what the other interesting thing i can do???
hahahaha.. so listen n' read carefully!

well, i already full of her
sick n'tired to be exact
she always follow me, like there's no other thing she can do
am i her mummy or what?!
i don't need a "tail" by the way...

her mouth is also like a s***t!!
(sorry for the rude word)
always talk bout others bad habit w/o look into herself
wew... she thinks she is better than others???
hell no!!!
she is a brat spoil, bossy, lazy, n' u name it!!!

well, call me fake or watsoever
talk bout my own close friend
but i'm sure it's for her own good
wish i could talk about this directly to her
of course w/o the rude word...

someone please...
how to make her realize that she needs to change???
i really don't have any idea what to do
please God show me the best way for taking care of this...

bee sign off...

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