Saturday, October 11, 2008

Lucky I'm not yet that into you

What i feel lately???
brokenhearted, curious, wondering, asking...

he never text me anymore
even he doesn't reply my sms
it makes me thinking, many thoughts floating on my mind rite now
is he serious???
is he playing a game on me???
is he run out of pulse???
did i make mistake to him???
he get bored with me???
or worse, he hate me???
is there someone can reply those questions???

he avoids me for sure
well at least that what i feel yesterday
i need to find out what's going on
i can't be just sitting and waiting without doing anything
it drives me crazy

i thought he could replace the old one
but i guess i am wrong
first, he was so sweet
talking with sweet words
melting me all the way
suddenly it all turned up like this

is he kinda "womanizer" type???
melt every girl with his words
and then left without any reason
or maybe i'm the one who expect to much???
well, i have a condition called "like boys easily"
honestly i kinda hate that condition...
unlucky me it happens everytime =(

i don't know what to do
i don't want to beg his love or something like that
just trying to think positive
maybe it can help me to get out of this situation
or maybe i should shout "I don't need a man" ???

1 comment:

  1. I feel you bee..
    This is the same thing that has happened to me..
    I thought that he could replace my ex, but the fact is...
    Why boys are always like that?


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