Friday, October 3, 2008

Dedicated to Someone

today i got a new lesson
lesson for friendship
that turns my point of view 180 degrees

at first he was so annoying
he often get me on my nerve
i mean it, really
i already angry with him
with words that maybe he shouldn't deserve
but still he act like normal
like there's nothing happen

he still kind and nice to me
he still help me in every way
in study, report, project, and so on
last friday...
i also found he is a nice person to be talked with
he is so much better than her
at least he doesn't talk bout others without seeing into himself
he is not bossy, forgetfull, lazy, and u name it!!!

bottom line...
thx God for making me realize in the right time
not too late, i guess
sorry for the angry words my friend
from now on
i'll defense u from people that make fun of you
or angry with you without any reason (her)
hope everybody will see the truth
the truth that open up their eyes
the truth that say "Juan is nice and a helpfull person"

thx my dear friend =)

1 comment:

  1. I'm with you bee..
    He's better than her..
    The truth has just revealed, yang dulu kita kira teman ternyata busuk, dan yang dulu kita kira busuk ternyata adalah teman..
    Sorry for using the word 'busuk', no offense at all..


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