Sunday, March 22, 2009

Sabrina needs...

Type your name into Google with the word needs in quotes. For example: "(your name here) needs". Write the first 10 results, comment and tag friends.

1. Sabrina needs her faith more than ever to make the right decision
2. Sabrina needs someone to embrace her activity level and provide outlets for her to work off this
3. Sabrina needs a bookkeeper
4. Sabrina needs to triumph over Amanda and restore world order
5. Sabrina needs strong, loving parents
6. Sabrina needs your attention!
7. Sabrina needs to sleep before her eyebags become bigger
8. Sabrina needs structure and consistent discipline and supervision
9. Sabrina needs some buddies
10. Sabrina needs New Home 's diary on Catster

hahaha... no comment, you judge!!!
just follow the tren, anyway!!!

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