Monday, March 9, 2009


well, i know i'm 2 years late for writing this down
i just watched Stardust this afternoon in HBO
n' now i'm fall in love with this movie
especially the hunk, Tristan Thorne a.k.a Charlie Cox
again my handsome guy radar mode on
i love the scenes, the cast, and yea the plot is so sweet
i'm planning to buy the novel, if the stock still at the book store (hope so)
can't wait to watch the movie again!!!
furthermore, i watched it not from the start but it was already one fourth way going
so thx to HBO for replaying a movie many times in a week!!!

wow! who can't help but melting all the way with that smile?!

p.s: i know it's only emotion at a moment but i always enjoy this!! =)

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