Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Story Behind The Issue

yesterday family issue is still getting nowhere
feel like it's just wrong to live at home now
the normal condition would never be the same again, i guess...
my faith is tested, i mean it
keep praying to God, keep waiting the answer and the best solution from HIM
plus the mid term test bad mark keep coming to me, where are the good thing???

since i need kinda full of distraction from it
so i really appreciate my time in campus or else apart from my home
where i can run away from this issue even for hours only
laughing all the way with my friends, pretend nothing happen (psstt this is my expertise)
maybe that is the good thing, i don't know...

but i don't want this become public consumption, coz' i don't want them to feel pity on me
so i have to be careful for letting them know this thingy

well, i don't know
God sent me kind of "distraction friend"
here's the thing, my senior high school boy friend greeted me at fb, unexpectedly
the one who was not so close to me, we were in a different class though
n' know we've been chatting at msn since yesterday
thx God!!!

my oh my...
i'm speechless to the core
hoping the best to come!!!

p.s: thx so much to Yunita n' Stella for the enthusiasm words... laff ya!!!


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