Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Having a Vampire Boyfriend???

Plus (+) :
1. can sense you wherever you are
2. he doesn't need to eat (less money wasted)
3. never get old (which is always good to see)
4. very strong
5. impossibly fast
6. can tell you story from the past, like what happened in a decade ago
7. hypnotizes
8. rich (because he has been looking for money for a long time)

Minus (-):
1. his heart doesn't beat
2. extremely pale
3. cold
4. can't go out at day (when the sun still up), unless you want him to get burn to flame
5. people will think you are weird because only rare people want to date vampire

i don't know anymore
it's kinda like brainstorming isn't it??? haha
i combined the plus minus from Twilight and True Blood, two great movies which has vampire in it...
well, it's just for fun after all!
and if you have any idea to add the plus or minus, don't hesitate to speak up...
because i only found few of them, enjoy! hehe

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  1. blue bloods ada versi Indo nya gak? terus belinya dimana? brp duit? :)


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