Sunday, April 19, 2009

Vomit-Talking Kind Of Boy

The occurrence between me and that boy
inspired me to write this
you know
there's many type of boys like bad boys, metro sexual boys, nerdy boys, and so on
but i'm in hatred with this type of boys the one who insensitive with words
he is cursing, talking rude to girls, without any guilty feeling, without think about it first
he just throw it up, as if a vomit
i got it tonight
he call me a seducer or a girl who love to flirt to him at facebook
can you imagine that? i mean, that's a PUBLIC social networking
okay i admit i love to make him head over heels coz of something that i speak about
but it's not a flirting
it's just a joke
why he can't get it??? why he get it wrong???
because i do talk about that to boys but none of them take that as him
you know, claim it as a flirt
o gosh! just so you know, if i wanna do it, i can do it much better, and one thing for sure
the boy is definitely not YOU! i'm still normal and i know a lot of boys out there who is way much more good looking and better behave than YOU!!!
well, based on my experience
it often happens to a single boy especially the geek one which means live in his own world (almost get autism) and afraid of girls...
so my advice to you is get a girlfriend as soon as possible
then you will experience how good is a life can be

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