Wednesday, May 13, 2009

4 Days

It's not because my computer is down or error
but it was all because the stressful final tests
i was struggling for them all, just so i could get a good mark
well, they are not finished anyway but the 3 hardest of all are gone
let me tell ya how does it is like away from my computer for 4 days
no facebook-ing, results in a lot of notifications, updates, friend requests and so on
no twittering, the tweets from people i follow is unbearable, i couldn't check it one by one
no blog updating, well it's been 2 weeks! sorry readers
no just jared checking, i'm not so up to date, lame!
last, no email checking,which made 331 unread emails stayed in my inbox
most of them are unimportant, blah...
my oh my, how about my final tests journey???
i cheated a lot on today test
feel bad about it, sorry God, i never ever meant to do it
but what else can i do? i was blinded by its value, 4 sks
so i did every way, bad or good, to get a good mark on it
and i just shocked
i got 21, real 21, on my lab work Microbio test
i thought i did answer all of the questions correctly
but hey, i really have no idea why on earth i could get that "cinema" score
anyway, i don't ever really think about it much
i guess i've been numb, maybe it will do any good for me, i'm not pretend it
that's exactly what i do feel recently
what can i learn from all of these??
i'm getting ready for 3 months holiday!!! haha
i make list of dvd and books that i'm going to buy to spend my holiday
i guess it will be a little bit boring
i'm planning to do a part time job, but i've no idea where and how, let's just see
well, it's better than no holiday at all, isn't it???
i always loveee holiday, well who doesn't?!
but before that, i need to finish these damn final tests up!
2 more, baby!! just be patient bee!
last. i'm surely still and always praying for the best
and let God do some works, especially on my marks

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