Saturday, May 2, 2009

Madly about This

oh, my effin God!!!
i loveee GG episode 20-21
i'm extremely excited to see Nate and Blair back together
they have up and down before and always
but, i mean their fate are to be for each other
i guess these are the best episodes of GG so far
Nate is so sweet!!
i'm falling in love with him even deeper and deeper
i was like possessed
repeated these scenes over and over
just to see them be together is make me happy, personally
i know i can't keep imagine about them
it's not real after all
but i definitely love repeating these scenes in my thought
haha, i know i'm totally a freak!!
ya know, it helps me to get through hard days that are about to come in a week
i tell ya, it's addicted!!!
can't wait for the next episodes...

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