Monday, June 8, 2009

Because I’m Stupid by Boys Over Flowers

Because I am stupid I have no one other than you
You who is always looking at someone else yet you have no idea of how I feel
*I won’t be part of your days and I won’t be in any memories either*
I’m only looking at you and my tears keep on falling
But I’m still happy to just watch you from behind even if you still don’t know how I
In the end you just pass by me
Those days where I miss you so much, those days when I have to withstand the pain
“I love you” is lingering on my lips
Alone again, and crying for you.
Alone again, and missing you
Baby I love you, I’ll always wait for you
Repeat Refrain*
I guess I’ll be making memories alone
Love is like having a beautiful wound
Even when I see your beautiful smile I am unable to laugh with you
I’m thinking about you everyday, and everyday my heart is hurting for you
I want to see you is all I can think of
Alone again and crying for you
Alone again and missing you
Baby I love you and will always wait for you
Bye Bye, never say goodbye
Even though I cannot hold you like this
I need you and want you though I’m unable to say anything
I keep hoping and hoping again

yup today post is still related to Yoon Ji Hoo
because i don't understand Korean, i posted the English version
read and pay attention to this lyric carefully then you know how meaningful this song is!
i love this song so much, especially the man who sings it
i'm agree there's no other else besides stupid for someone who can't confess its love
actually i've been searching for the ballad version but i can't find it anywhere
so if anyone find it, please tell me
i'd love to have this amazing yet sad song! =)

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