Sunday, June 7, 2009

A Poem

a gaze lock in the eyes, captivating
lips smiling blow sadness away
fingers to wipe tears
shoulder always ready to be cried on
hug lifting up at the weakest point
hearing those words salve a broken heart
guard from behind makes everything will be just fine
hand slackening helps rebuilt ease time
laugh cleans surfeited mind
music waves the sound of the angels singing, erase burden soul
guitar plucking, piano twang, throw problems out
voice singing songs catching breath, hypnotizing
heroic action stops time, cheers sad face
like a firefighter, cooling out the fire
like a lifeguard, save lives from drowning
everywhere like a ghost with angelic heart
he is Yoon Ji Hoo...
the guy who gives up his love for his best friend
the guy who sacrifices everything for his love
the guy who only can admiring not loving
he can not choose, he can not think
maybe he is a fool but he does the best he can be
to see his love smile again and make everybody happy
that is why he concedes...

Dedicated to Yoon Ji Hoo "Boys Before Flowers"


i know i'm not good in making poem but i try the best i can be!
well, i don't know whether the story is great or the script maker is talented or Kim Hyung Joong is handsome but honestly for the first time in my life (yea, i admit it), i'm touched by the character in the TV series.
i feel like i want to cry every time i remember him maybe that's one of the effects of being touched by something or someone, i don't know
for people out there who think that they love life just like Yoon Ji Hoo has to stop whatever their action of give in and turns it into fight for love!
appreciate every chances that you have because maybe there is no second time
and once in my life i realized now i'm looking for a boy like this
he doesn't need to be too rich
he doesn't need to be too handsome
he just need to be my "Yoon Ji Hoo" =)

pssttt.. i really fall in love with his smile and if i were Geum Jan Di i would choose Ji Hoo rather than Jun Pyo =p

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