Tuesday, June 23, 2009

To My Friend...

Dear Yunita Syawal,
i can't afford any present for you, so i chose some birthday cakes (sorry they're just pictures though)
aren't they as cute as a button?!
if i were you, i can't decide which one i want, maybe i'd take them all! =p
well, maybe later when i earn my own money i'm gonna give you some nice presents
how if a spend a night together with Lee Min Ho or Kim Bum? hahaha... i wish!
anyway, Happy B'day once again girl!
if i'm allowed to pick a line from teen lit movie i'd say
Best Friends Forever

that's cliche but always work, rite?!
p.s lucky me i found a b'day cake picture with candles number 20 on it!

1 comment:

  1. B...T_T your blog is so sweet..
    thank you for b'day wishes, pictures of cake and esp thank you for being my friend..
    I'm so lucky have you as my friend..
    mizz you dear..=)
    anyway you're right i can't decide which one cake that i want..wakakaka..they're look cute, sweet and delicious..
    note : i want spend one day at Jeju Island with lee min ho and kim bum (although only in my dream=P)..lol


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