Wednesday, June 24, 2009

More About The Vampire Gang

picture above is the Twilight Director's Notebook. I saw it today at the most famous book store in Indonesia (i guess) and i know i want it so much! it's like behind the Twilight scene summarized in a book! how cool is that? but unlucky me, it cost a lil bit expensive besides it's thin, so i didn't buy it. I just skimmed it though, maybe later if i success persuade my Mum to buy that book for me. Below are some pages inside of the book:

For more info about the book click here

and now is about the New Moon film cover, it's just been released! they look amazing here! so sexy! unfortunately i already buy the blue one =( but hey, who can repress the passion for reading so long until someone willing to wait the film cover version novel?!

and look at Kstew on picture above! isn't she look different? all of her messy style is gone here! i found this picture when i'm browsing about the book above. it's quite a long though, taken on 2007 when she was 17, photoshoot for Vanity Fair. Wanna see the full story, click this

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