Thursday, July 23, 2009

8 Things

"7 Things That Make Me Happy"
  1. Praying to God, okay it might sound cliche but that's what i feel, especially when i've problem lays down deep inside me which i can't tell to anyone
  2. Family: ma, pa, brothers. A place where i belong to, people that love and would stand for me, no matter what. They surely know how to make me laugh my ass off. ha!
  3. Friends, who i really close to are some from campus and high school. Can't mention them one by one or they'll feel superior =p partner for life, forever!
  4. Blogging, it's like i find my world and myself. I can talk whatever i want to in here. No need to pretend, no need to hide anything, i just need to be me! by writing this you know i can't love blogging w/o loving internet connection too
  5. Reading, anything such as magazine, novel, comic, you tell me! that's been my first love since i can read for the first time
  6. Shopping, this is every girl's best friend. hey you girls, tell me who doesn't love it? lol
  7. Surprise! good surprise like gifts always boost up my mood, really... i do!
i got that from here, actually it's just 6 but i added one more, because seriously pick things that make me happy and summarize it into 7, is really hard!

could i add one more? please... if i could i would to add this:

Jessica and Leighton at Cafe Gitane, both are pretty and stylish!

They seem enjoyed shopping together much! another real life BFF from GG, i guess
want more of them? click this

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