Sunday, July 26, 2009

Yesterday and Today

Well, i guess i'm gonna spoil my weekend to you all, enjoy!
On Saturday... i went to Tanah Abang, yes Tanah Abang block A, it's the green building with the Moslem decoratives spread on it. It was like a struggle to go there, because it was raining a bit so me, my mum, and my dad had to step on the puddle which is the only way to get there. Ah, i was thinking it was a bad start though. Finally i arrived and walaaa... it was so hectic and crowded! But it didn't whit my spirit, my shopping spirit! lol... and to keep the story short, after went there and here i got 4 coll t-shirt and 1 Chloe bag. Sorry i don't have the pictures, maybe one day when a camera phone already back on my hand. Afterall, it was a thrill day although the start didn't go too good.

On Sunday, which is today, after went to Church my brothers and dad went to see somewhat called car exhibition at Kemayoran. Me and my mum chose part way because as women, we don't like and don't know anything about cars. So we both decided to go to Artha Gading Mall, we got in to Daiso, an all about Japanese store, everything costs only IDR and look what i've got there!

a traditional Japanese toy, it's called Cup and Ball (i just knew it)
i fell in love at the first time so i decided to buy it for fun!
you think it's easy to join the ball on the cup? nah! you wrong! i tried it many times, not only me but my brothers and my dad too, believe me it's really really hard to do!

then we paid the things we wanted, took away J.Co fro-yo, and picked up my brothers and my dad at the same place we arrived at first.

End of The Days

p.s: pic above is not really my Cup and Ball but the one i have is pretty much like it, the color is as the same as the pic!

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