Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Made a Promise

yesterday, because of one thing and another (sorry can't tell you here, it's a sensitive thing)
i made a promise to myself in front of God that
i would never put my parents under pressure or suffer
i would make them always happy for the rest of their life
i would do my best to help them going through anything in the future (when i'm settled)

well, have you guys ever heard this proverb "If a parents is rich, a child will be served like a king but if a child is rich, a parents will be forgotten" you see what i'm saying? more or less the meaning is like that.
seeing a grown up child who can earn he's own money and then talk in a rude way to his parents, when they need his help in financial
i know what they feel inside, they're being under pressured but their love to him beat it all
it hurts my heart and make me kinda agree with that proverb
how can a child can talk in that impolitic way to its own parents?
listen, without them, you wouldn't be here now!
they have grown you up nicely so far, giving you birth by the sweat of her brow, pay your school, university, your toys, fulfill anything you want even it's useless in the end, and always proud of us whatever we do or we've done
we couldn't choose where we want to be born but i'm sure our parents now are the best that God has given to us, that's the fact!
remember those sacrifices that my parents have done until now get me touched and made me realize all i have to do is fight for their happiness and throw away what makes them feeling down
that's why i made a promise to myself as i wrote above
and hopefully i can keep my promise until i'm settled one day
i believe with God's help i can fulfill it and prove it to everyone
that your parents are worth to fight for, to be happy for, and to be loved for
maybe it's one thing called maturation process in life =)
love you, Mom and Dad!

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