Saturday, July 4, 2009

Take a Peep at Neverland

the front gate

the main house, look how pretty those flowers are!

the litograph of MJ with children at front gate

watch out guys, children at play! cool sign isn't it?!

one of the carousel horses, the sad one. it said every each horses are uniquely designed

the Ferris wheel

the wave swinger

the zipper

the train station

the train

the bumper car

military jackets of Jacko

MJ's crown

Michael's personalized chess game

the painting and the statue of Michael's the King

those all, well not all of the inside of Neverland Ranch and some of his one of a kind things, specially designed and made for the King of Pop
they are superb! and i wish i could pay a visit to that beautiful yet amazing ranch one day
yeah, maybe some day i get a chance to play all of the arcades in Neverland.
it's absolutely everybody's dream to go there!
for more sight-seeing about Neverland and his personalized things, click here and here
you'll be amazed!

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