Tuesday, July 28, 2009


Meet Usavich a story about an odd couple of rabbit, a frog called Lenigrad, and an transvestite chick called Komanech
they're really hilarious! me and my brothers laugh our ass off while watching them
i watched Usavich marathon season 1 on MTV Asia this morning and it makes my day! lol

Kirenenko and Putin
it's always fun to watch Kirenenko the boss mafia always win the prison workers every time they want to torture him! and Putin the plain good one makes the story complete!

this is the situation of their prison room
Kirenenko loves sneakers so much, there are no things he care other than his sneakers
while Putin likes to dance Kazachok on his bed, he is dancing in his sleep (episode 12)

you guys have to watch them in animated short films produced by MTV Japan
you can click here to watch and for more info visit the official website (if you speak Japanese) otherwise click here for more info about them
i have only seen the 1st season and im waiting for MTV to broadcast the 2nd season and so on
there will be so much laugh!

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