Monday, August 17, 2009

G.I. Joe

well, okay I'm gonna make it a quick update
because of this lame connection and heavy rain
so, I watched G.I. Joe yesterday with my brothers (as usual)
what can I say? it's pretty awesome! I totally love the effect!
and if I have to choose my favorite character it would be Snake Eye, you know there's something about him, although he doesn't say or speak but his gesture tells all.
Plus, I don't like talkative boy though LOL
over all, it's worth to watch!

my oh my, tomorrow is officially my first day of 5th semester
yup! this long holiday (3 months) is going to end in couple of hours
no more wake up or sleep late, so sad
but after all, it's a new beginning, isn't it?
hopefully everything goes well for tomorrow and for always =)

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