Friday, August 21, 2009


First of all, please forgive me for the lack of updating because I'm frigging busy as hell with these university things, just so you know my schedule is a mess!
Talking about university... this afternoon I was struck by something that I haven't realized before
Are you sit comfortably? So, here's the story...
My academic adviser asked me what I wanna do for the research
Shocked and totally blank, that are things I felt at first
I was like waken up while I'm dreaming silently in my sleep
or maybe I was like stroke by a lightning thunder when I'm reading a book peacefully
seriously that's what I feel...
Everything goes unconsciously and when I'm aware I have to face this whole things that I have never been thinking about it even a bit
Plus some of my classmates work harder and busier than me, okay they're smarty pants but it's no excuse isn't it? They already knew what they are going to do for research
But me, look at me, seems like I even forget what is my first aim and what is my interest in learning Biotech
If someone ask me questions relate to that, I have to think times and times before I answer it
It's like my passion in Biotech is fading
I've been so relax doing my days in university, they're just routines for me
I learn if I have to, I'm doing nothing for the rest
Before this day I've never took this university thing that serious, I just go with the flow
Until today, O Gosh! I'm in my 5th semester now, one and half year more to graduate!
I really want to change, to make more effort in my university year so I can feel my tired later on
But how? How to get me right back on the track again? that is the problem...
Well, people says 'When there's a will there's a way" cliche, but I believe in it
One thing I know, my love for Biology will never ever fade
And thank so much God, you remind me from so early before it's too late =)

p.s: maybe I'm still carried away by the holiday mood, please come back my diligent mood!

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  1. Don't worry dear..
    You're not alone..
    I'm here with you..

    I feel you..


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