Saturday, August 29, 2009

Happy 23rd B'day to My Older Bro

the place where we celebrated
it's located at Tomang
after years and years the taste has already changed, they're not so WOW anymore

with the birthday boy! he's kinda silly anyway!
I love my face here

my oldest bro and my aunt

with pa'

with ma'

sometimes you might be a nerve-racking and also so frigging funny at the same time
but I know I love you so much, bro
you are my brother, no matter what
nothing can't separate us, because same blood are flowing within us
hoping and praying the best for you
wish you can be a better man as you grow older, every now and then
and may God bless you always

your lovely sister,

p.s: we didn't eat birthday cake because we don't really like it

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